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Meet us at R.E.H.A.B.!

What's a HYBRID church?  It's a church that meets both IN-PERSON and ON-LINE! Our pastor is a known trailblazer, with the ability to infuse INSPIRATION, INFORMATION, and INNOVATION into the church experience!  This makes REHABCC a trendsetter in the Christian community!  Whether you prefer IN-PERSON worship, ONLINE worship, or a combination of both, our ministry provides the opportunity for you to worship God while living a balanced life...with a word and worship experience second to none!


Starting June 5, 2022, weekend worship services will take place IN-PERSON every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 9:08 am EST, which includes empowerment through praise and worship, live music and singing, the arts, and powerful preaching.  Every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 9:08 am EST, our experiences will take place ONLINE, providing a practical, direct teaching experience that is sure to empower you from wherever you may be!

Our IN-PERSON and ONLINE members are actively involved in the Sunday morning worship experience, and visitors are treated like royalty!  Meet us IN-PERSON or ONLINE,  bring your problems and your praise with you, and let God handle the rest!


Our Tuesday evening Bible Study, known as Life Study, happens on Tuesday for a reason - to take the hump out of HumpDay!  Wednesdays will no longer be a strain or stressful day, as Life Study will provide you the mid-week fuel you'll need to remain focused and empowered for the remainder of the week.  Life Study happens virtually at 7:08 pm EST.


Join Pastor Talley as he teaches and inspires through practical, interactive, applicable, easy-to-understand lessons.  Prepare to understand God's word through the use of integrated technology, relevant teaching, analogies, and practical illustrations that will impact your life!  No topic is off limits!



We empower our members and the community through a variety of activities, services, special events, and programs.  From free workshops and seminars, to concerts and community outreach programs that address those in need, impacting the community is our priority.


Join us at any community experience, and you'll see firsthand how we feel about outreach and service.  You'll also understand how we feel about holistic people development, as our events address the physical, social, emotional, and professional needs of our members and community.


Interested in helping us impact our community or someone in need? Let's Talk.​


Coming Soon!

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